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Support for Mobile

Responsive layouts allow sites to adapt to mobiles devices. These smaller devices have a unique mobile menu to aid navigation.

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Top-Notch Coding

The CMS Framework forms the core of the template, providing a rich selection, such as an intuitive administrator.

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Loads of Features

JHD Africa offers a vast assortment of major and minor features, to make customization easy and your site alluring.

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Hosting FeaturesAdvanced hosting services with the freedom of unlimited scripting tools and quick install.


Server Processors

The processor controls the performance of the server. We have dedicated Intel Xeon E3-1230 Quad Core 3.2GHz



We keep a backup of all your website files. Full backups are conducted weekly, while incremental backups are done on a daily basis.


Antivirus Scanning

All incoming email is scanned for potentially harmful viruses that will be removed or quarantined before it reaches you.


Programming & Development

We offer a full range of programming and development database tools, like MySQL and PHP5.



During business travels, simply use your online web mailbox from a laptop, internet cafe or remote office to stay in touch.


Mail Logs

A mail log is a record of all emails sent or received from your mailbox. You are able to view the send or delivery status.


Firewall Protection

A firewall configured locally on the server making use of the Linux kernel packet filtering framework.


24/7 Network Monitoring

We monitor all servers and networks 24/7 to make sure your online presence is safe, secure and always active.


Mobile ReadyThe responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobile layout.


Gantry Framework

A powerful core framework that offers a standard set of intuitive and expandable features, for easy administration through an advanced user interface.


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